Little introduction.Huh!

Well, I am an 20 yrs old female from India.I enjoy reading,bicycling,drawing and painting.I love playing games,dancing and expanding my knowledge(u know everything that’s mental stimulation).i have deep love for music and philosophy.

If there wouldn’t have been a materialistic thing called Money, I would like to travel different countries,meet new people and get to know about different cultures and lot of things.Not physically,at least my thoughts could reach.

The main purpose of starting this blog is to share with you my entertaining and interesting thoughts,ideas,inspiration,imagination,stuffs from here & there and whatsoever going through my head.i.e what the above title(Meandering Thoughts)reflects.

“Thoughts are never-ending,ever changing and ever lasting.Thoughts live,they travel afar.”

Well, thank u guys for reading!!!


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