Still growing…


Daily prompt :

As a kid, you must have imagined what it was to be an that you’re a grownup(or becoming one),how far of was your idea of adult life?

When I was a kid,I used to think that life would be very much easier when I grow up .It would be like movies, always happy endings…….and happily ever afters….and filled with magical lands and dreams.That box called T.V really amused me.(that’s why I think I wear spectacles now).

I would have a cool job and could travel everywhere,anywhere I wanna go,buy anything i want to.When I’ll grow up, I’ll be free ,no one to stop me(no barriers for me).

Innocent,unknown of the traps of the world….

But life isn’t easy as it seems to be in movies and all. You can’t be selfish.So many responsibilities and so many expectations to fulfill.

My parents have gone through many problems in life and have seen all those with my eyes and felt it because I’m the eldest(also have a younger brother),been with them in all those hardships.They really work hard to keep us happy and fulfilled.

And these things changed my perspective on life(used to have when i was a kid).

” Every thing is not what it seems”and”Every thing that glitters is not gold”.

I don’t want to complain but its true.

It’s been few months I’ve turned 18(age when u become adult in India).I think my life has just started,there’s so much to do and so much to see. Who knows, better things might lie ahead.

Of course, human beings need hope and faith to hold on to.These kind of things inspire me to the make the most of life and bring postivity and philosophy to my life.

I don’t know if I’m a grown up or not or has started to think like one.I want to be me and not pretend to be grown up.I’m still growing.will do mistake and learn and grow from the experience.

But sometimes, I also wish I would never have to grow up….

Oh darling,don’t you ever grow up,

Don’t you ever grow up.

Just could stay this little.

Oh darling,don’t you ever grow up,

Don’t you ever grow up.

It could stay this simple.

Won’t let nobody hurt you,

Let no one break your heart,

No one will desert u just try to never grow up…



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