That Girl In The Dream


I could see a figure,

pale as the moon above.

Standing on the wet and moist cliff.

Who was she?

Do i know her?

Couldn’t be sure.

Am i dreaming or is it real?

Though she seems familiar.

Drenched in the rain,

that those west wind brought.

It looks as if,

something precious she has lost.

Staring far at the infinity

And could only find it thither.

I called and called and called,

bet she couldn’t hear,

eliminating  my voice,

sound of the waves crashing the rocks near.

Paced towards her,

preventing falls,

my curiosity follows along.

When my trembling fingers brushed through her shoulder,

she turned,

Oh what!! she’s the very semblance of mine.

Various questions began to cross my mind.

As she jumped,

she smiled,

  like never seemed so happier…

 Watching in awe,

I thought for a while.

It was too late,

Lend a hand after i realize,

until she spread her wings

And took a flight.

 Dancin’ with joy

among the grey clouds.

Even the sky wanted to see her fly.

I heard a voice from behind,

It grew more and more,

As i tend to ignore.

Oh! i sat upon my bed,

T’was my mom’s “Rise and shine”.

Watched out of the window beside,

Thinking bout the girl in the dream.

she just needed a touch of consent,

To set free..

          To set free…

                         To set free…….

 My first poem ( to post).New Blogger!!!

Please comment and share if u like it. 🙂


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