A Familiar Stranger

Do you know, What we are? We are, Just like the dust, Carried with the wind. Anywhere we go, But we don't settle. We are, Emotions unexplained. But can surely be felt. We are, The wild ones, Just like Lana's songs. We keep riding on, with a pleasant grim In our thoughts, In our hearts. …

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She knew something was wrong, She had felt it all along. She couldn't relate with things anymore. Something was missing. A piece of the puzzle. They had kept it hidden from her. _________________________________________ One late summer night, When they had gone out to make merry, Dancing round the cherry tree. It was her only chance. …

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What astrology means to me(the way i think)?

Alright,here i go. I was just thinking for something to write for my first post. Well many people like to introduce themselves and write about their solely purpose and reasons for blogging.(well for that part u can know little about me in the section.LITTLE INTRODUCTION.Huh!) And then it strikes me that why not write something …

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