Judge not,lest you be judged

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who cannot hear the music.

—- Nietzche

Why point the splinters in others eyes,

When you cannot see the log in yours.

But I see mine well,

So go ahead and first fill your pores.

Walk a mile in my shoe,

Try fitting your toes.

Then try judging me,

For you are a mile away

And you wear my woes.

You have no right to interpret me,

Underestimate me,

Tag me, categorize me,

By the ways I escape the cruelty and stresses,

By the ways I sin,

Way differently than yours.

Judge not,

Lest you be judged.

You will be measured,

In the same standard you apply.

Judge not.

You will be judged,

In the same judgement you make.

Why point the splinter in others eyes,

When you cannot see the log in yours.

Cause I see mine well,

So go ahead and first fix yours.


Still growing…


Daily prompt :

As a kid, you must have imagined what it was to be an adult.now that you’re a grownup(or becoming one),how far of was your idea of adult life?

when i was a kid,i used to think that life would be very much easier when i grow up .It would be like movies.Always happy endings…….and happily ever afters….and filled with magical lands and dreams.That box called T.V really amused me.(that’s why i think i wear spectacles now).

I would have a cool job and could travel everywhere,anywhere i wanna go,buy anything i want to.When i’ll grow up, i’ll be free ,no one to stop me(no barriers for me).

Innocent,unknown of the traps of the world….

But life isn’t easy as it seems to be in movies and all. You can’t be selfish.So many responsibilities and so many expectations to fulfill.

My parents have gone through many problems in life and have seen all those with my eyes and felt it  because I’m the eldest(also have a younger brother),been with them in all those hardships.They really work hard to keep us happy and fulfilled.

and these things changed my perspective on life(used to have when i was a kid).

” Every thing is not what it seems”and”Every thing that glitters is not gold”.

i don’t want to complain but its true.

it’s been few months I’ve turned 18(age when u become adult in India).I think my life has just started,there’s so much to do and so much to see. Who knows, better things might lie ahead.

Of course, human beings need hope and faith to hold on to.These kind of things inspire me to the make the most of life and bring postivity and philosophy to my life.

I don’t know if I’m a grown up or not or has started to think like one.i want to be me and not pretend to be grown up.I’m still growing.will do mistake and learn and grow from the experience.

Sometimes,i wish I would never have to grow up….

Oh darling,don’t you ever grow up,

don’t u ever grow up.

just could stay this little.

 Oh darling,don’t you ever grow up,

don’t u ever grow up.

It could stay this simple.

won’t let nobody hurt you,

let no one break your heart

No one will desert u just try to never grow up…





That Girl In The Dream


I could see a figure,

pale as the moon above.

Standing on the wet and moist cliff.

Who was she?

Do i know her?

Couldn’t be sure.

Am i dreaming or is it real?

Though she seems familiar.

Drenched in the rain,

that those west wind brought.

It looks as if,

something precious she has lost.

Staring far at the infinity

And could only find it thither.

I called and called and called,

bet she couldn’t hear,

eliminating  my voice,

sound of the waves crashing the rocks near.

Paced towards her,

preventing falls,

my curiosity follows along.

When my trembling fingers brushed through her shoulder,

she turned,

Oh what!! she’s the very semblance of mine.

Various questions began to cross my mind.

As she jumped,

she smiled,

  like never seemed so happier…

 Watching in awe,

I thought for a while.

It was too late,

Lend a hand after i realize,

until she spread her wings

And took a flight.

 Dancin’ with joy

among the grey clouds.

Even the sky wanted to see her fly.

I heard a voice from behind,

It grew more and more,

As i tend to ignore.

Oh! i sat upon my bed,

T’was my mom’s “Rise and shine”.

Watched out of the window beside,

Thinking bout the girl in the dream.

she just needed a touch of consent,

To set free..

          To set free…

                         To set free…….

 My first poem ( to post).New Blogger!!!

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The Taurus-Gemini cusp

Well,for the continuation of my first post(what astrology means to me(the way i think)?),i have here something related with the zodiac signs and effects of cusp….. well everybody now knows what zodiac signs are,and also they can tell about their own(sign). And even if u don’t know you can just [Google it] !!!. There are hundreds of sites which can tell u about your zodiac signs. But just for reference purpose you can check it here-www.horoscope.com/astrology-prediction-game-astrology-sign-finder.html or else u can simply just figure out from the chart below- signs-of-the-zodiac-vectorzodiac_ind well i’m born between Apr 21-May 20. So,i’m a TAURUS. Wheepeee….whoo… I”M THE BULL.(THIS IS ACCORDING TO WESTERN ASTROLOGY) But my main focus here is on the Cusps as my title suggests .. SO, WHAT IS THIS -CUSP? Have you ever felt that your Sun Sign just didn’t capture who you are very well? It’s quite possible that you are being influenced by more than one Sun sign. This can happen when someone is born ‘on the cusp’, or during that transitional period between Sun signs. Someone born on the cusp is influenced by both of  the signs.That is why the sun sign description may not entirely fit. Every month or so, as the earth continues on its path around the sun, Sun signs change. As one planet ‘rises’ the other begins to ‘set’. It’s not a fast and hard changing of the guards– it’s a transitional period in which the effects of one planet are becoming more pronounce, while the effects of another planet are diminishing. This period is called the cusp and can last approximately three days, starting before and ending after the change of signs. WE ARE MORE THAN JUST OUR SUN SIGNS. There are many other things/influences like moon signs,ascending sign,and a whole hosts of signs,planets,houses mingling together to create a unique set of circumstances under which a person is born.

Taurus-Gemini Cusp

I’m born on TAURUS-GEMINI CUSP which usually falls under from MAY 19TH TO MAY 24(other things like birth time and planetary influences can change the dates, in some cases from MAY 16th-MAY 24th) and this very much applies to my life/personality sometimes as i said in my FIRST POST that it has helped me to know myself in a better way. I hate being born on the cusp buT most times I LOVE IT. I get along with zodiac signs that my Taurus side doesn’t and the same with the Gemini side of things.

So, then let me tell u about the  traits people having TAURUS-GEMINI cusp possess.(MAYBE NOT VERY ACCURATE BUT U CAN RELATE WITH THAT). PEOPLE BORN ON THIS CUSP can be little tricky to figure out …Those born under this influence can seem quite distant or even unstable… In the mind of this beings, there is always 101 issues going on – as there is never a moment when thoughts cease to be constructed. When with them, you must be careful, as frivolous ideas might come up, and you could even find yourself in a position you never imagined you would be in, but you also have to watch out, for when they become reclusive, every idea that hits air might become rejected. You can never really know what to expect from these, but you can always expect the same positive-radical energy being excerpted from these beings – whether this is compulsory or something they are knowledgeable of.

They are  stable,driven quite clever, communicative ,wants to do everything and all and indulge in everything that seems interesting to them(they are very much of a curious ones). and also they are very creative personals(mixture of Taurus and Gemini traits makes them quite UNIQUE !!) and they are quite practical about money-making.

When it comes to love, they usually are not wanting to take the first jump — at the same time, they might be a little unapproachable due to their spastic nature(not that much as much u think spastic means). If you win a heart of a Taurus-Gemini, you better hang on tight as once you lose them, they could be gone for good as you sit there and wondered where it all went wrong… When in a relationship, this cusp people  always enjoys much flattering. Communication(or mental stimulation) is the number one important issue in the mind of a Taurus-Gemini — with no communication, the relationship will hit a dead-end immediately.They are never dominant in a relationship and also expect that from their partner and  they give enough freedom to their partner as they also respect their own freedom.

You should ALWAYS be open to new ideas, places to visit, outings, and fun activities to participate in to keep their active mind entertained, content and on-top of things. You should never betray  them, although it might be easier to forgive then forget: but keep this in mind, while you have the relaxed-rock nature of a Taurus-Gemini, you also have the ever-active, crazy twins within; you should not try to chain down these individuals but you might find that sometimes they are doing it themselves.Their love is UNIQUE and unlike any other.

These fellows can be loyal,make great friends and just know that they have always a shoulder to cry/lean on… but  it can  be also that they don’t go out to search for shoulders for their heads.Whenever u need them or advice in any part of life(/situation),they always find time for you and give very much satisfactory advice for needy ears. Taurus-Gemini always has a voice if anyone has an ear to listen. When it comes to secrets, some might just be too juicy to not spill around(well i’m not like that i’m great at keeping secrets), but if you assure the significance of the matter, you should be fine.

From time to time, conspiracies, research, and alternative activities will over-consume them and they will be increasingly anti-social and quiet, and when that happens, be sure to wait it out, as they will always come back to life — just be sure to genuinely listen to their crazy ideas and supposed findings, and even reluctantly agree if you must… They sometimes have high expectations of others and get irritated when they don’t measure up. An argument with one of these individuals is one thing you should always avoid, as it can easily become a shit-flinging fight of realist insults and hurtful matters. As long as you do not waste the time of a Taurus-Gemini, your time should not be wasted either…

Usually, they are the perfect spice and spidazzle to a meeting of friends or a party — keep a close eye on them, sometimes they can get carried away for their LOVE of the idea of fun and entertainment.Well,i’m talking about the parties( but usually i don’t go to parties(little introvert)). Well,usually they make great company. Overall, Taurus-Geminis are odd(i’m very much of a goofball), genuine, and intelligent beings; you won’t find many like them… Their love is unforgettable and also true, just do not deceive them nor their hearts… They make interesting and legitimate friends, and it doesn’t matter what stereotype you fall in, as it’s the person UNDER the skin that truly matters… well guys.THANK u for reading!!!  Cheers to the T/G cuspians!!! what do you think?? I hope u can very much relate to that… Do u agree?? I would love to know from you. 🙂

What astrology means to me(the way i think)?

Alright,here i go.

I was just thinking for something to write for my first post. Well many people like to introduce themselves and write about their solely purpose and reasons for blogging.(well for that part u can know little about me in the section.LITTLE INTRODUCTION.Huh!)

And then it strikes me that why not write something related to astrology. I’m not a astrologer (just to be clear with that).he.he..

I am not a superstitious person or blindly believe in astrology but it have played a great role in my life(NO!!.I’m not that saying it has changed my life) but it has help me to analyze myself in a better way and i can somehow relate to that. well somehow,it’s a pretty interesting topic.


Stars and planets have always inspired a sense of wonder. And  ancient people, explorers and geniuses have used them to find reasons for the very existence and much more…. Astrology is the study of patterns and relationships — of planets in motion, our birth chart, chemistry with others, the make-up of elements — and using that knowledge as a tool to find meaning.


This falls under the topic of meta-physics,study of that which is beyond the physical and its similar to other ancient theories of energy patterns,feng-shui,yoga etc.

Long before recorded history,it’s also been called “THE MOTHER OF ALL SCIENCES”.

If life seems like a series of meaningless events, astrology can be a comforting sign that perhaps things happen for a reason. It can shine light on inner contradictions and natural strengths. As a map of the psyche, the birth chart is a guide to self-understanding that never stops revealing new layers of insight.

But is up to you to make believe in it or not but i want to say that no matter how much things the astrology says it can reveal-it can be good and bad also.Whatever they show and tell about yourself don’t blindly believe in it or make it dominate you and your thoughts , for it is in OUR HANDS TO MAKE OUR FUTURE.OUR THOUGHTS and ACTION makes us WHO WE ARE.and not just somebody else.

It will be good if u take it as a light and fun topic.EVERY BODY LOVES SOMETHING MYSTICAL  & MAGICAL!!! Right!!

well that’s all for now .i’m gonna leave. see my next post for continuation..

New Blog post!Give me some love….Thank u. 🙂